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We are to influence the world, not resemble the world. - Dr. Banks, PhD.

Our Pastor

Dr. David L. Banks, PhD is a leader with a passion for life. His mission is to empower people to discover and pursue their purpose in both their personal and professional lives. He has been called to lead the Church back to God's original designed. His passionate and unique style for ministry has enabled him to train leaders, equipping them with kingdom principles to live the life of Christ. With a mission to pastor a productive church, Dr. Banks is equipping the Church with an straight-forward, practical understanding of the Kingdom Message.


Dr. Banks has a MA and PhD. in Physcology. He is also a Certified Behavior Consultant, a Certified Relationship Specialist, an Impact Coach, and an entrepreneur. He has worked locally and internationally which churches, neighborhoods, corportations, colleges, organizations, and both city and community initiatives by providing team building, motivation, vision casting, problem solving, and leadership training.


Dr. Banks is a sought out speaker.  He and his beautiful bride of 20 years, Sylvia, and their 3 children: Benjamin, Caleb and "Princess" Maiya make their home in the north Georgia area.


Dr. Banks published his first book 2 Become 1. This marriage enrichment book will help marriages become what God intended it to be, 2 Becoming 1. Go to to order your book today.

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