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A Church Focused on Kingdom Principles Rather Than Religion

About Empowerment Church

Our mission is "To Equip Leaders with Kingdom Principles to Impact the 8 Fields."

Our mandate is to go out into the world to preach the Kingdom of Heaven to live by the Principles of the Kingdom.

We are driven by purpose and a desire for the church to return to it's orginal design.

At the Empowerment Embassy, you will learn how to use Kingdom Principles to

Create Influence in your life  and to Transform Earth reflect Heaven.

Below are principles we believe: 


Principles, Order & Original Design  - When God created Heaven and Earth, He set certain laws and principles to govern the earthly realm. When we begin to live by the Principles of God instead of religion,  we work with God to create order and return earth to its original design.


The Kingdom of Heaven, The Head, and the Host Country - The Kingdom of Heaven is where God reigns and He has given Earth to mankind (Psalm 155:16).  The Head Country is Heaven and the Host Country is Earth. We are mandated transform Earth back into what God intended it to be. 


Salvation & Righteousness - Salvation is not an emotional experience. It is a transfer and access to operate within the Kingdom Realm. Righteousness is living the way we were designed by God instead of the way we have been conditioned. 


Purpose - Your purpose is your orginial intent for being created. 


The Church & The Embassy The church is the Body of Christ. The Embassy is the building where the partners meet to worship and recieve education and information from Heaven (the Head Country)


Partners & Ambassadors - An ambassador is one who represents the King. As an ambassador, we are representatives of the Kingdom of Heaven. At the Empowerment Church, we are Partners instead of members. As members, we simply join an organization. When we become partners, we take a deeper level of commitment and ownership. As a partner of the Empowerment Church, we become leaders and take ownership of God's purpose and it becomes our responsibility to spread His message. 


The 8 Fields - Impacting the 8 Fields is our strategy for influencing the world and establishing order back into the Earth. The 8 fields are Home, Education, Business, Government, Medical, Ministry, Arts, and Regions.  When each partner learns how to influence their individual fields, we ensure that the Kingdom message is spread throughout the world. 


Ministry | Church

Home | Family, Marriage, Children

Medical | Health, Emotional, Physical

Arts | Entertainment, Technology, Media

Government | Social, City, State, Federal

Business | Entrepreneurship and Commerce

Regions | Communities, Neighborhood, States, Countries, Continents

Education | Teaching and Applying the Principles In Schools & Universities

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