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Youth & Children's Ministry

Kingdom Cubs (Nursery) - Our nursery staff give love and attention to our future kings and queens.  You can enjoy our service and knowing your children are in good hands.


Kingdom Lambs (3-5 years old) - We have the joy of introducing solid biblical teaching at a level your toddler will understand and enjoy. Your little ones are curious, have lots of energy and love to explore using all their senses.  Each week through guided play, they rotate through centers.  The centers feature bible stories, singing, crafts, games, snacks and more.  Through fun, attention keeping activities, nurture, toddlers learn and apply God's truths.


Kingdom Kids (grades 1-6) - This class can be described as the foundation.  We go through the Bible, learning the bible stories and about the biblical characters.  We take it one step further and apply the truths learned to our everyday life.  We look for the kingdom principles that are the keys to how we should live our lives.


Kingdom Teens (grades 6-12) - Teenagers are faced with a multitude of distractions.  This class is designed to help them navigate through these distractions.  They receive tools and kingdom principles in to help the understand their purpose.




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